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Google Hangouts this Holiday season

Google Hangouts this Holiday season

With the world being so much larger and friends and families tend to be spread across the globe. But technology makes things like this seem less traumatic and manage to keep us all together in a virtual sense.

Google Hangouts are not really well known I’ve found, but yet they’re the perfect virtual space to reside together. Yes you have Skype and other such to chat – but these are direct phone replacements with video. But as I hope a lot of you find with Skype and such, you end up playing a game or sharing videos in the chat portion and then battle with over lapping videos as you all try to not interfere with each others sound yet watch together.

Well, Google hangouts seems to cater for those of us like this, for those that a chat is more about sharing the cyber realm than simply just a chat – anyways enough blabbering, let’s get to the meat of this post… this is a really nice heart string ad that champions Google Hangouts. So in short, give it a go… it is free 😉

Watch now!