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Government vs Private Vaccines

Every parent faces many new expenses, the majority of which are medical. Vaccines are a big portion of this.

There are two types of vaccines: government and private. There are a number of smaller differences between the two – the number of injections you have to administer, how often you have take the baby and most importantly, the cost. A single set of private vaccines can cost up to R1800, while the same government vaccines cost around R30. And these are repeated around six times over the course of the first two years. The one caveat is that they cannot guarantee the government vaccines are always refrigerated and has more risk



A fellow tweeter Nick Callegari, recommended Bedfordview Mother and Baby Center (BMBC). The nurses at BMBC typically do a full assessment of the baby and you can ask them anything that typically paranoid parents are too shy to ask. The consultation and government vaccines costs around R400-R500 per visit. This is still a massive saving.

So before you go off and get the private vaccines, think about the R10 000 you might be overspending. And all the geeky gadgets you could be buying instead.


Bedfordview Mother and Baby Center can be found here:

Location: Germiston, Gauteng, South Africa
Street Address: 32 Lucas Lane, Bedfordview, 2007
Telephone: 011 450 0224