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XBox One

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The next generation Microsoft console, the ‘Xbox One” was revealed this week.


Here are the some of the highlights:

  • The Xbox One is positioning itself as an all-in-one entertainment unit rather than just a console; the HDMI pass-through will allow South African users to plug their DSTV decoders into the xbox; the machine is powerful enough to allow users to instantly flip between games, tv, movies and browsing the internet
  • While single player games will be able to be played without internet connection, many games will be constantly improved by an always-on connection that will provide the in game content
  •  Voice and hand gestures will be improved dramatically with the addition of the Kinect 2.0 with every console; you can even switch on the xbox with a voice command
  • Xbox live will be run on 300 000 game servers, more computing power than existed on the planet in 1999; your current xbox live account will be transferred over to the new Xbox One, including all achievements and gamerscore
  • Xbox 360 will not be able to be played on the new console
  • Games will still be able to be resold on the 2nd hand market (
  • Also, unrelated to the actual console, Steven Spielberg will be making a live action Halo TV series

While the console has been getting lots of flak from critics, I was very impressed with the overall direction of the technology. I will definitely purchase one when it releases at the end of the year.


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